Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili Islands and our first port of call. It has an estimated permanent population of 800. It was the first of the three islands to attract visitors, therefore it is the most developed with a variety of accommodation and restaurant options. In its early days of tourism, the island had developed a reputation as a party destination, whilst that is still partially the case, Gili Trawangan has matured into a destination that has a far wider appeal.

Gili T, as it is known colloquially, has a thriving backpacker scene – finding a party every night of the week is an easy mission. Things have heavily picked up in the last ten years or so with the introduction of an extensive range of accommodation, from budget to luxurious, as well as drinking and dining options.

Today, Gili T is visited by numerous travelers coming on fast boats from Bali.

Gili T can accommodate anyone’s budget from first-class villas to cheap hostels. If you are looking for accommodation, you’ll want to head to the Eastern side of the island. This side of the island is sheltered from the roughest seas of the Lombok Strait. This is where boats and ferries disembark and where the main village can be found.

Using a footpath you can circumnavigate around the entire island – a great way to spend a day in Gili T. There are all paths crisscrossing back and forth across the island. While the cheapest accommodations are mostly set a few streets back in the village – close to where the boats arrive – heading south from here are a range of hotels. Head further north out of the village and you will witness a quieter environment, with a range of cool bungalows and villas right on the beach front.


There’s plenty to do on the island with one of the most popular options is diving. There are copious internationally recognized and approved diving centers with extremely professional operators and instructors, who are keen to share their love of the ocean with you.

Thanks to the warm waters, diving is a delightful experience on the island whether you are a newbie or seasoned pro. While it offers a great place to learn how to dive, there are still plenty of challenging dive sites for more experienced divers. This means that if you are looking to extend your experience and qualifications, the island is a fantastic place to do it.

You’ll also find yoga centers on the island and it’s a special place to practice this ancient art form. Enjoy your session in lush tropical surroundings to the relaxing sounds of the local wildlife. If you are keen to experience the underwater life, but diving isn’t your thing, you could try the clear bottom kayak and canoes, or even take a trip in a glass bottom boat. Enjoy views of the coral and marine entity without getting wet.