gili air

Sophisticated and Minimalist: Gili Air

When you have tranquil beaches, clear waters, sea turtles, and amazing marine life at your fingertips, you are living the life. Gili Air ticks all the boxes and will undoubtedly spoil you for the rest of your trip. Compared to its two sister isles, Gili Air is the perfect balance of relaxation, the laid-back beach life, while being able to stay active. With today’s volume of fast boats from Bali to the Gili Islands, accessing the islands are easy and breezy.

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The island is dotted with the right amount of bars and restaurants where visitors can hang around and chat until late hours. Big parties rarely occur in Gili Air – it is certainly quieter than Gili T.

Gili Air boasts excellent water activities. From stand up paddling, kite surfing, diving, snorkeling to going on an excursion on a glass bottom boat. The island has a number of good dive schools that will sufficiently teach you how to dive and bring you to the best locations around the island. Visit Manta Dive for more information. Sea turtles, sepias, colorful corals and beautiful fish await you!

If you fly solo, you can easily rent out snorkel equipment and explore underneath the turquoise waters on your own. Not only it is a cheaper alternative, it will feel rewarding once you spot large groups of rainbow colored fish and meet a group of nemos! If you, for some reason, don’t fancy getting wet but are still curious about the underwater marine life, you can go on a glass bottom boat and watch through it.

As a quiet island with not many residents, Gili Air gets fairly dark at night. It is the perfect opportunity to switch off with the island and enjoy the stars above you. You may even spot shooting stars – priceless and romantic.

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Before sundown, however, one of the island visitors’ favorite pastimes is to find a spot on the east side of the island after 6pm and watch the sunset. Immerse in the stunning view and calm atmosphere when the ocean uncurls and the sun disappears. It is also a great photo opportunity. Sunsets over Bali are guaranteed to be breathtaking!

Believe it or not, you can also go on a mini shopping spree on the mini island. Despite not having a high number of shops to choose from, the available shops have a range of interesting clothes, accessories, shoes, as well as souvenir trinkets to take home with you.

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