What To Eat: Lombok Traditional Food Options

Some say that Lombok is just like Bali was 20 years ago, where most areas and beaches remain untouched and pristine. Lombok also has a really interesting culinary scene, so don’t just rely on burgers and pizzas while you’re there. Here are some of the top quality Lombok traditional food options on the islands:

Ayam Taliwang Lombok

Ayam Taliwang

Ayam Taliwang is one of the most popular Lombok traditional food. This dish is so popular that it has made its mark across the country. You can even find specialty restaurants selling the Ayam Taliwang in Bali! Fresh chicken marinated in special sauces, herbs and spices and then grilled over hot coals, gives you a succulent meal that is slightly crispy on the outside and melt-in-your-mouth soft on the inside. The best Ayam Taliwang is made using free-range chicken or ayam kampungand served with rice, raw greens and a delicious dollop of sambal.


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Bebalung Soup

A delicious soup, featuring a tantalizing mixture of herbs and spices like shallots, turmeric, ginger and chillies and the main ingredient, cow ribs. Sometimes this soup is even made using buffalo ribs! You can find this dish in Lombok and Bali as well. For an extremely satisfying meal, after a day of swimming and snorkeling, the soup is best consumed hot. Our new destination in Nusa Penida is another great spot for swimming, diving and of course delicious food!


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Sate Tanjung

Next on our list for Lombok traditional food, Sate Tanjung. This is an all-time favourite with a twist! Sate Tanjung is not your regular everyday sate made with chicken, pork or beef – it’s made with tuna. Try it, and add a new and mouthwatering favourite to your book of culinary adventures. 


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Nasi Balap Puyung

A delicious Lombok traditional food consist of rice, shredded chicken, fried tempe and abon, which is spiced flossed chicken or beef meat, with sambal and fried eel.

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first time lombok - gili swing

First timers: Lombok or the Gili Islands?

It can be difficult to choose between traveling to the Gili Islands or Lombok, especially if you’ve never been to either. The Gili Islands are a part of Lombok and the distance between them is easily navigated by fast boat.

The differences between the two are quite distinct. The Gili Islands are relatively more popular and internationally recognized than the main island, Lombok. You can expect both The Gili Islands and Lombok to be of a slower pace, peaceful, and less crowded than Bali.

Here’s a brief overview of Lombok to help you on your way to these beautiful and unique islands..

first time lombok - gili islands swing


To the east of Bali is Lombok, home to wonderful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, unspoiled forests, and Indonesia’s second highest volcano.

Lombok is not your normal tourist destination. Not much happens in Lombok and visitors who seek an escape find Lombok a delightful place to unwind. Though less developed than Bali, Lombok has begun to appeal to tourists opting for an alternative to the crowds and expectations of Bali. Even more so now that daily fast boats, direct from Bali to Lombok, are easily found.

Central and East Lombok boast rice paddies, tobacco growing areas, and some established tropical natural reserves. Southern Lombok attracts surfers and beach-bums alike, looking for the perfect break or deserted beach. To the north stands majestic Mount Rinjani with its crater-lake and exceptional views. On a clear day you can even see Gunung Agung on Bali.


Its indigenous Sasak people boast a rich and endearing culture, making it one of the many unique attractions of the island. They are related to the Balinese in language and ancestry, although the Sasak are predominantly Muslim, while the Balinese are Hindu.

The Gili Islands

gili meno, gili air, gili trawangan

Read about the Party Paradise Gili Trawangan to get an overview of how it differs to the more reserved Lombok.

Looking for an escape to a mini paradise with your loved one? Try out Gili Meno.

The sophisticated and minimalist Gili Air is as untouched as Lombok, but read more on how it is different to its mainland here.

Verdict: Weigh out your needs – do you want more variety or privacy? What activities are you looking to do? What is your budget? If you’re still indecisive, then try them all out! Patagonia Xpress offers fast boat services from Bali to the Gili Islands and Bangsal, Lombok. You’ll rest easy knowing you can travel back and forth whenever your heart pleases.

pink sand beach lombok

Lombok’s Pink Sand Beach

Not unlike Bali and the Gili islands, Lombok has dreamy beaches that should be on every visitor’s to do list. One of them, in fact, presents a rare, naturally-occurring phenomenon you need to witness first hand at least once.

Tangsi Beach, more popularly known as Lombok’s Pink Sand Beach, can be found on the island’s far south-eastern shore. It is one of 10 of the world’s only pink sand beaches. Indonesia is blessed with two beautiful pink beaches – one in Lombok and the other on its neighboring island, Flores.

Mostly due to its secluded location, Tangsi Beach is a hidden gem still untouched by mass tourism. As part of a memorable day out, it’s the perfect destination for exploring Lombok’s unique natural beauty. Plus, the water conditions there are perfect for swimming.

pink sand beach lombok

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Why is it pink?

The waves, along with millions of dead red coral fragments, blend with the beach’s white sand, giving it its beautiful pink hue.

Things to do at Pink Beach

Immerse in the raw beauty and the sea breeze under the sun or shade, while sipping fresh coconut water. The beachfront has simple sunbeds with shade umbrellas peppering the sandy stretch for all-day use at a small fee.

You’ll find vendors selling bottled water and cold beverages, but it’s recommended to always carry your own drinking water. Also, if you’re planning to laze around on the beach all day, remember to pack your sunscreen!

Cool off in the ocean. As mentioned before, you can play in the gentle waters of Pink Beach and it is safe for swimming.

Take a half-hour hike up the hillside to the shaded berugak (a traditional hut with roof and pillars), for a breathtaking vista from above the beach.

How to get to Pink Beach

Pink Beach is a 2-hour drive from Lombok’s central (Mataram city). Ideally, you’d want to get there by private car hire with a driver-guide. Alternatively, you can get there by hiring a fishing boat from Tanjung Luar Port. The journey via water takes around 3 hours but will have you witness the wonderful scenery of southern Lombok en route.

Other beaches

The best beaches, ideal for day trips, swimming and surfing, are mostly along the southern coastline of Lombok (near Pink Beach).  They are: Tanjung Aan, Selong Belanak, Mawun Beach
and Cemara Beach among others.

Lombok is accessible by an approximate 2-hour fast boat ride from Bali. Patagonia Xpress offers fast boat services from Bali to Lombok so you can witness one of the world’s Pink Beaches!

bangkang cave Lombok

Extraordinary things to do in Lombok that many never knew existed (Part 2)

There are countless amazing things to do and see in Lombok.  So many, that we had to make another list.  Lombok is highly accessible via fast boats from Bali or the Gili Islands.

Whether you’re in Bali or the Gili Islands, make sure you fit Lombok into your itinerary. Here are the reasons why.

Out of a movie set – Bangkang Cave

bangkang cave Lombok

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Step into this Indiana Jones-esque cave that is a hundred years old.  It is located in a local village that remains unexplored by tourists, making it a unique and intimate set for pre-wedding shoots. This cave is also home to thousands of bats, and the best time to visit is before sunset. Remember to bring your wide angle lens!

The cauldron of miracles – Aik Kalak hot spring

The cauldron of miracle Lombok

Photo source: Vinchel Budihardjo

Locals believe you can cure all your illnesses and soreness just by bathing in this sacred hot spring. It is blessed by the local Hindu community and is believed to have an enigmatic healing power. You could be hiking all day and, after a dip in the spring, be revitalized enough to sweep the fatigue away.

Learn traditional weaving at Sukarara Village

Get up close and personal with Lombok’s traditional culture and heritage, with the craft of ‘songket’ or weaving. The village women are taught at a young age to weave beautifully patterned fabric.

Amazing birds eye view of Lombok and Rinjani – Bukit Pergasingan

Bukit Pergasingan Lombok

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Catch a glimpse of a far-stretching view of colorful rice paddies and the almighty Mount Rinjani. Pergasingan Hill is the alternative to hiking Mount Rinjani, with an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level.

Waterfall of the Sea – Nambung Beach

This unique phenomenon is created by waves crashing against large cliff rocks and majestically falling like a waterfall. To get under the cliff, be prepared to walk through the large waves. The crystal clear water is swimmable at your own risk!

Sail away to an almost-private island: Gili Kedis

Going island-hopping around Lombok isn’t exclusive to taking a fast boat to the Gili islands. There’s many more exotic islands to explore that are just as beautiful as the main Gilis. One of them is Gili Kedis, which hasn’t received the same attention as the other islands, so you may get lucky and have the whole island to yourself!

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Semeti Beach - Lombok

Extraordinary things to do in Lombok that many never knew existed (Part 1)

Lombok is like a secret lover, you don’t want to just kiss and tell but perhaps you’d share the secret with those closest to you. Unlike its neighbor Bali, Lombok is relatively untouched and those who have tasted its wonders try to keep it on the down low.

Here are a number of things to do in Lombok that have not made it to the spotlight. If you’re already in Bali, make sure you spare some time for a fast boat trip from Bali to Lombok and experience these secret beauties.

On the cliff’s edge at Lingkoq Datu, Pantai Penyisok

Lingkoq Datu, Pantai Penyisok

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This picturesque seaside cliff will have you feeling like Jack and Rose. You may have to navigate your way through steep rocks but it’s guaranteed to be worth the trek. The view is almost too good to be true – bright teal waters, golden rocks, and no sign of living.


Revisit the Dutch colonial past: 84-year Old Suspension Bridge

84-year Old Suspension Bridge

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Built in 1932 with Australian solid iron, this hanging bridge is 100 m high and has been broken twice after being hit by a stream. In its glory days, its pivotal role was connecting the remote areas together. Today however, its mostly explored by young people hanging around on lazy evenings.

Pyramids in the sea – Semeti Beach

Semeti Beach - Lombok

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Ever wondered what Superman’s Planet Krypton would be like in real life? Head over to Krypton, otherwise know as Semeti Beach, homing pyramid-shaped rocks that resemble the crystal box in Superman’s home planet.

Grand Canyon of the East – Pantai Tebing

Grand Canyon of the East – Pantai Tebing

Photo source: Gustusevan

Pantai Tebing has a collection of unique rock formations that stand tall due to the eruption of Gunung Rinjani Tua in 1257. Hot clouds of sediment, resulting from the tsunami and containing fragments of coral, were deposited here.


Torean’s Hidden Treasure: Penimbungan Waterfall Viewpoint

Air Terjun Penimbungan Lombok

Photo source: Indonesianomad

You’ll have to hike Rinjani to enjoy this waterfall. After a two-hour trek from the Torean entrance, you’ll reach the viewpoint of the 75-metre-high waterfall. You’ll feel like you’ve travelled back in time.


Stay in a picturesque, futuristic ‘Hobbiton’ at Mentigi Bay Dome Villas

Mentigi Bay Dome Villas

Photo source: jasmine.queen1814

Calling all Hobbit fans! Step into this resort to be transported into a mythical land, just like a Lord of the Rings movie set. Nestled comfortably on the Cliffside, overlooking the island’s blue bay, these dome-shaped villas offer a luxurious interior and a breathtaking panoramic view.

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