Terms & Conditions of Carriage

When purchasing or booking a ticket for carriage on board Patagonia Xpress all passengers agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The company reserves the right to refuse to carry any passenger deemed to be unruly or intoxicated.
  • Each passenger is entitled to a maximum of 25kgs of luggage (One suitcase + one hand luggage). Patagonia Xpress reserves the right to inspect the contents of any luggage and can refuse the carriage of any item that are likely to endanger the vessel or other travelers.
  • Patagonia Xpress does not accept any liability for any loss or damage of luggage during transit.
  • Patagonia Xpress Fast Boat is not recommended for passengers who are; pregnant, suffering from heart conditions and suffering from serious back complaints or serious physical impairments.

*Should any guest wanting to still travel onboard Patagonia Xpress, they will be required to complete a Disclaimer prior to their departure releasing Patagonia Xpress and its staff and agents from any legal action.

  • Sea conditions can be unpredictable, therefore all children and infants must be accompanied on board the vessel. Patagonia Xpress will not accept responsibility should there be injury on board the boat.
  • Surfboard charge of Rp50.000/piece/one way.
  • Surfboard should not be more than 3 metres long. Maximum 2 pieces per person.
  • No animal/pets are allowed to travel on board our vessel.
  • Verbal promises by booking agents will not be recognized by the company.

IMPORTANT; To avoid disappointment concerning a connecting flight at any airport, Patagonia Xpress suggest providing yourself at least 24 hours before your onward travel.