The Best Gili Island Activities

You’ve probably read a fair bit while planning your trip to the Gili Islands. But do you really know the things you need to know before traveling there? The Gili Islands are world famous for three things: diving, snorkeling, and the eclectic party scene. No worries; even if you’re not into those three things, we can suggest a lot of activities to keep you busy.

To be honest, the place offers so much variety that you’re probably not going to cover all in the first visit. So, let’s begin with the most popular activity of them all – diving and snorkeling. This eternal classic has been the tourist’s favorite because of the diverse underwater environment on the island. Besides, you’ll be able rent snorkeling equipment cheaply and find a whole range of great diving schools with affordable prices.

Next up, we recommend you explore the island by renting a bicycle at highly negotiable rates. Sure, you can choose to walk around the Gilis, but the thrill of riding past beautiful palm trees and the blue ocean on your trail is a feeling to behold. Who knows, you might also come across a stretch beach with no one else on for some solitude in the sun. There aren’t any motorized vehicles on the Gilis so by foot, bicycle or horse and cart is the only way to get around.

Gili Cat Fast Boat the Patagonia Xpress is new, comfortable, safe and reliable.If you’ve experienced Gili Trawangan and want to explore Gili Meno and Gili Aire also, why not take the public boat and venture far off ? Every day, you’ll be able to catch to public boats that leave Gili Trawangan and can give you a glimpse of the beautiful oceanic environment. If you feeling like indulging, you can also rent a charter boat and call your friends onboard. However, this option is best if you are touring with 10 people or more.

What’s the point of going on a beach holiday if you don’t get to try seafood? And here’s the best part – you can catch your own fish in the island and host a barbecue for all your friends. Fishing tours are extremely popular in the islands and can be an excellent way to spend the weekend. Oh! Did we tell you fish tastes much better if you catch it yourself?

Gili Trawangan is also famous for its party scene, and it has a number of great bars where you can dance to your favorite tunes any day of the week. Pay a visit to Blue Marlin, Rudy’s, and Tir Na Nog if you’re feeling groovy or just want to enjoy a good ambience while drinking. We promise that you will love the crowd.

Not a party person but love jamming to live music? Head over to Sama-Sama in the evening and work those vocal cords! You’ll find the crowd playing everything, starting from pop to reggae, from jazz to classical.

If you want to return home with some souvenirs, carry a big ol’ bag and head over to the market square near to the boat pier. The place comes alive in the evenings, and the shops offer a broad category of reasonably priced items. Don’t be afraid to splurge on seafood, Sate, Tofu, or anything that your heart desires.

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