things to do in Lombok - hike mount rinjani

Things you should see in Lombok

Lombok is Bali’s less famous neighbor, making the island relatively untouched. With many holidaymakers opting for Bali, mass tourism in Lombok is still unknown. Lombok is gaining more recognition for its three little sister islands off its coast, known as the Gili Islands. Like Bali and Gili, Lombok offers many empty, and often isolated dream beaches, tasty food and fantastic natural beauty.

This week, we’ll discuss some of Lombok’s must-sees.

The Gili Islands

gili meno, gili islands - things to do in lombok

These days, fast boats from Bali to Gili or Gili to Lombok are aplenty. If you plan on going island hopping, opt for this method of transportation. The three paradise islands are located 20 minutes away by boat and are popular for scuba diving and other water activities.

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Mount Rinjani

things to do in Lombok - hike mount rinjani

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One of Lombok’s highlights is the second highest volcano in Indonesia, second to Mount Kerinci on Sumatra. Mount Rinjani’s tough hike to the crater rim is rewarded by magnificent views. You’ll see rocky black soil and a lush valley filled with deep purples and bright greens. Nestled at the bottom of the gaping crater is Lake Segara Anak, filled with Lombok’s deep turquoise waters. Arguably, trekking Rinjani is hard. Make sure you prepare yourself physically and mentally before ascending!

Senggigi Beach

This white sand beach is the main hub for many of Lombok’s hotels, hence its tourist appeal. Senggigi Beach is also a popular surf spot for locals and tourists alike. You can also find many vendors and locals selling drinks, snacks, and small souvenirs.

Mawun Beach

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Depending on the day and time of the week, this soft white-sand beach with turquoise water is virtually deserted. Located west of Kuta beach in a nearly enclosed bay, you can reach it with your scooter. The waves can be heavy, but it’s still a nice view to immerse yourself in.

Tanjung Aan

Another white sand beach to add to the list is Tanjung Aan. The water is practically crystal clear with a light blue hue. You can carefully climb a rock to enjoy a breathtaking view over the two bays and beaches of Aan.


tiu kelep waterfall

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In the northern part of the island, you can find Lombok’s stunning waterfalls. Visit Tiu Teja, Tiu Kelep, or Sendang Gile, among others. Jump in or let the ice cold water hail down your back – it’s remarkably fresh!

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