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Looking for somewhere new to go on holiday? Or do you require time to unwind and loosen up? Relax and enjoy your time away from work by visiting an uncrowded place.  One place that you might not have known about is Lombok. It is an unfamiliar island heaven in Indonesia, often overshadowed by it’s neighbor Bali which might be the solution to your fantasies.

What kind of get-away are you looking for? Would you like just to unwind and do nothing? Or, then again maybe you need an excursion loaded with activities to keep you fit and active. Or, on the other hand, possibly you need to have a colorful adventure packed with nightlife and shopping. Lombok Island has got all these.

This island is found east of Bali and offers magnificent white sand shorelines, a tropical atmosphere, and fascinating culture. Mount Rinjani National Park is likewise situated here which has the third most prominent volcano in Indonesia with an estimated height of 3726 meters. The best time to plan your trip is during the dry season between May and October. The pinnacle season is amid the periods of July and August so you will need to plan your trip early and ensure you have reservations.

There are numerous exercises to do on the island of Lombok. You can do rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, biking, cruising, snorkeling, bamboo boating, surfing, angling, drifting, paragliding, parasailing or golfing. You can trek on the mountain or the lowland  trails and experience the scenery and wildlife of Lombok.

The shorelines of Lombok are magnificent, and remain less crowded than many areas of Bali. You’ll be sure to be able to find a stretch of beach all to yourself. The south coast of the island is also home to some world class surf breaks, with the center for surfing on Lombok being Kuta Lombok. From here numerous famous breaks are within reach and the town itself offers a range of accommodation options as well as restaurants and bars.

To experience Lombok’s enthusiasm for the arts, arrange some town visits either individually or with a tour organization. You will the  chance to watch  how local people expertly color textures using the customary system called ikat. There are likewise various craftsmen who can stunningly make and embellish pots. You can also drop by the Sayang artistry market, and shop for great locally produced specialties and items like pearl-enhanced wooden boxes.

When you visit Lombok, you may not get an opportunity to see everything on your first visit. You may choose not to do anything at all except instead basically ruminate, unwind, and get spoiled. Whatever you may want to make your vacation great, Lombok Island has got you covered. Beautiful scenery, fantastic tropical climate, accommodation to suit all budgets and a rich a diverse culture to explore. This very well could be exactly the holiday experience you’ve been looking for.

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